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Celebrations and Growth

It has been one year since I took over the reigns at Kansas Global, and what a busy year it has been!  Our team has grown; our relationships with partners overseas and across the country have strengthened. We have assisted businesses enter new markets all over the world and expanded and diversified Wichita’s international sales […]
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What is a Trade Mission?

Kansas Global drives international business development opportunities forward by helping facilitate trade missions. The goal of our trade missions is to encourage new cross-border business relationships between Midwestern companies and foreign partners. A trade mission will typically provide insights into doing business in the destination country, pre-trip consultation, tailored business-to-business meetings, networking events, and conversations with […]
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Exploring Exporting through International Business Consulting

A Company’s First Steps Toward Exporting Although every company is different, for the sake of this article we will imagine a company that is at the very beginning of their export journey. Through an initial complimentary consultation meeting between Kansas Global and your CEO, we learn about you, your business, your goals, your interest in […]
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What Is International Business Consulting?

Resources for Exporting Kansas Global supports Kansas companies interested in exporting through all stages of the export process. Every company and company journey is different, which is why we use a consultative model. International Business Consulting is just that; consulting with your company about international business.  Where Do We Start? We engage through an initial […]
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