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Lubrication Engineers


What Lubrication Engineers Say About Kansas Global

When COVID related travel restrictions halted our ability to meet new potential partners in person Kansas Global and their partners stepped up with a solution that kept Lubrication Engineers, Inc. on track with our global expansion.”


  • To continue international growth during a global pandemic
  • To identify new foreign markets, understand the opportunities, and formulate a market entry plan
  • To identify and vet distributors


  • Through the Wichita Export Accelerator Program, Kansas Global performed market selection research, market entry strategy consulting, and found and vetted distributors


  • A relationship with a new distributor and in-country market share
  • Accurate market intelligence tailored to their product lines
  • Saved money by participating in the Export Accelerator
  • A trusted partner with whom to continue international growth
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  • Lubrication Engineers
  • 11/24/2022