Client Profile: Airxcel

Main Service Provided: Translation Services

  1. What Airxcel Needed
    • To translate their product certifications
    • To translate their product manuals in time for vital trade shows
    • To make sure their translations were completed accurately and on time
  2. What Kansas Global Provided
    • Standard and expedited translation services
  3. Value Airxcel Received
    • Airxcel received accurate product classification translations that gained them access to valuable European markets
    • Airxcel expanded their potential client reach with translated product manuals
    • Airxcel received accurate and timely translations

How'd we do?

'If I did not have the services that Kansas Global provides, our product could not be certified and we could not sell our product to the European market.'
'The way Tyler (and Kansas Global) takes care of me, so that I get my job done, is amazing. Whenever the need arises, I know who I can turn to.'
'I wish everybody that I worked with, inside and outside of this company, was as reliable, dependable, good, and thorough as Kansas Global. If they were, my job would be a lot easier.'
'I have had nothing but exemplary service. Every detail is covered and the communication is great. I don't think there is anything to improve in my experience with Kansas Global. When others in the company suggest getting different quotes, I put my foot down and say 'absolutely not.' There may be somebody offering it more cheaply, but I know I'm not going to get the service that I get from Kansas Global. I don't have that reliability, trust, and relationship with someone else like I do with Kansas Global.'
'If you have a need for anything international, (especially translations in my experience), definitely pick up the phone.'
'After 6, maybe 7 years, I have yet to get a phone call saying that the translation is incorrect.'

Keith Walker, Marketing Coordinator, Airxcel

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