Client Profile: JR Custom Metal Products Inc.

Main Service Provided: Market Research

  1. What JR Needed
    • To identify & select new foreign markets
    • To understand market opportunities
    • To formulate a market entry plan
    • To identify potential Buyers/Partners/Tradeshows
    • To understand effects of trade policy on business
  2. What Kansas Global Provided
    • Market Selection Research
    • Market Entry Strategy Research & Consulting
    • Buyer/Tradeshow/Partner Search
    • Trade Policy Consulting
  3. Value JR Received
    • JR saved time and money, while getting accurate market intelligence
    • JR gained access to expert consulting, connections, and Kansas Global staff
    • JR is now able to accept more projects because of trade policy knowledge

How'd we do?

'One of the primary values Kansas Global offered was saving our time while getting an accurate picture of the target market. Evaluating whether Mexico and other countries are something we want to get into was very helpful. We could have done it ourselves, but if would have been a lot more expense and it would have taken us longer. It was very helpful to understand all the dynamics and different things you have to go through to do work in another country.'
'Knowing the tariff and transportation on materials lets us know whether to pre-buy or lock in pricing on the material depending on what we're seeing across the world on material. That's an important aspect of what we do. It can make or break whether you win or lose a project.'
'Kansas Global has the connections and knows the right people. We know what we do. Together, we can make a strong team. Anytime you can put our company name with a company like Kansas Global, good things happen.'

Scott Kailer, Sales Manager, JR Custom Metal Products Inc.

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