Client Profile: Lee Aerospace

Main Service Provided: Compliance Services

  1. 1
    • Identify & Select New Foreign Markets
    • Understand Market Opportunities
    • Formulate Market Entry Plan
    • Identify Potential Buyers/Partners/Tradeshows
    • Understand Effects of Trade Policy on Business
  2. 2
    • Market Selection Research
    • Market Entry Strategy Research & Consulting
    • Buyer/Tradeshow/Partner Search
    • Trade Policy Consulting
  3. 3
    Primary Value
    •    Save time and money, while getting accurate market intelligence
    • Access to expert consulting, connections, and Kansas Global staff
    • Win more projects because of trade policy knowledge

How'd we do?

“We’re not a big enough company to have an export team. We don’t do enough of it to be good or proficient at it. I know I can just pick up a phone and call Kansas Global. We always get an answer.”
“Our management team has confidence that if we consult with Kansas Global on a question, then we’ve got the correct answer. If Tyler says it, that’s what goes for Lee Aerospace.”
“The OEMs that we work with have been pleased, satisfied, and even impressed with the compliance programs we’ve presented to them.”
“If anyone asks about compliance, I have and still do tell them to get in touch with Kansas Global.”
“We’ve had several new opportunities with defense contractors. We sent them an overview of our compliance program and they were very impressed with what we were doing.”
“Even if we someday have a full-time guy in compliance, we’re still going to utilize Kansas Global’s services for the expertise they have.”

Glenn Heil, International Sales Director, Lee Aerospace

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