Client Profile: Lee Air

Main Service Provided: Compliance Services

  1. What Lee Air Needed
    • To learn to classify products and determine needed licenses
    • To train staff on how to handle controlled technical data and manage a controlled export transaction
    • To learn how to develop internal policies and procedures to make sure export regulations are followed for future sales opportunities
  2. What Kansas Global Provided
    • The classification of Lee Air's products and next steps on future product classifications
    • Determined which licenses were required for which products and submitted an EAR license through the SNAP-R Portal
    • Developed an export compliance manual
    • Outlined key staff responsibilities
    • Trained staff over the ITAR, EAR & OFAC
  3. Value Lee Air Received
    • Lee Air has experienced new and consistent sales with a foreign customer as a result of proper compliance knowledge
    • Lee Air now has trained staff who can purssue new international business opportunities and complete the transaction legally
    • Staff of Lee Air now have easy-to-understand written policies and procedures

How'd we do?

'Having someone a simple phone call away is priceless. We have placed calls to Tyler multiple times and he is always there to help & advise us through any situation. He walked us through the process of obtaining our 1st export license which went smoothly. Then on the other end of the spectrum, he offered some great help and suggestions as we struggled to obtain another license that took several months. Tyler was able to make some phone calls and connected us with people we would not have known to bring in to help.'
'Export & ITAR regulations are very complex and can be very overwhelming. Kansas Global makes the process of creating a compliance program simpler. Companies we have dealt with in the past want to offer a cookie cutter manual which would not fit our company & our processes. Kansas Global is willing to take the time to come in & learn about who we are & what we do. They then took that knowledge and helped us create a program that best fits our needs and our requirements. We appreciate having their knowledge base at our disposal.'

Linda Hephner, Director of Customer Service, Lee Air

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