Client Profile: US Tower

Main Service Provided: Compliance Services

  1. What US Tower Needed
    • To become compliant for military customers
    • To be able to accurately determine product classification and jurisdiction
    • To determine when specific licenses are required for specific export transactions
  2. What Kansas Global Provided
    • The development and finalization of a complete export compliance manual including internal policies and procedures
    • The submission of a Commodity Jurisdiction Request 
    • Interpretation of the Export Administration Regulations and International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  3. Value US Tower Received
    • US Tower avoided major fines and penalties through compliance consulting and now has a complete and accurate Export Compliance Manual
    • US Tower has appropriate product classification and jurisdiction knowledge
    • US Tower knows when a license is required for specific products
    • US Tower has trained staff for export compliance 
    • US Tower experienced new export sales abroad and can confidently pursue additional sales opportunities internationally

How'd we do?

'Having Kansas Global work the compliance for us was highly valuable.'
'Knowing the accuracy of the information Kansas Global provides safeguards us with regards to compliance.'
'The responsiveness and demonstrated expertise of Tyler and the Kansas Global team give us confidence in our compliance.'
'Without a doubt, Kansas Global is my first call with any compliance related questions.'
'Kansas Global helped us to get our compliance in a row where we previously didn't have a full understanding of requirements.'

Travis Suelter, Vice President, US Tower

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