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Trade Compliance Assistance

In the ever changing world of trade, it can be easy to unknowingly be caught out of compliance with local or Federal trade regulations. Developing and managing trade compliance programs require a comprehensive array of systems, tactics, and contacts. Kansas Global offers various services to assist you in developing and managing your trade compliance programs, from assessments & customized counseling to tools & support services. Our comprehensive approach to trade – from trade advocacy to training & education – allows us to offer more cost effective and efficient compliance services to you.

Compliance Assessment

The first step in developing trade regulation compliance is compliance assessment. Our compliance assessment services will consider your current positions and methods, and determine our level of compliance. We also are able to find current and potential areas of risk, and suggest solutions to repair and maintain trade compliance. We also can provide advice for how to manage trade compliance successfully in the future.

Industry Experts

One of the best ways to maintain trade compliance without breaking the bank is to have consulting and advice from others with expertise or experience with similar problems. Oftentimes, the solutions that have worked before can work for you, too. At Kansas Global, we provide support services like local networking opportunities, and online blogs and forums that allow you to compare notes and gather tips from experts and colleagues who face the same challenges.

In case of emergency, you may need to find a specialist quickly to avoid costly penalties. Government agencies and compliance specialists abound. But who do you call and when do you call them? With our wide range of vetted contacts, Kansas Global can provide assistance in selecting a specialist in emergency situations and in your growing trade operations. We have vetted contacts in:

  • Customs Brokerage
  • International & Customs Law
  • Government Agencies
  • International Banking

Compliance Training is key to your ongoing success and demonstrates “reasonable care” to licensing and enforcing agencies. We offer seminars at various levels, from the new employee to the more experienced, for specific industries like aviation, and for small companies and large companies alike. We utilize a combination of agency experts and specialists to maximize information sharing and provide the latest compliance information. Training is offered in various areas including:

  • Export Controls & ITAR
  • Product Classification
  • Using automated systems, like AES
  • Basic of Import & Export Compliance
  • Special US government programs like C-TPAT & FTAs
  • Foreign, developing and new regulations like REACH & ROHs

Contract with us to work with you to lay compliance groundwork internally, craft messaging specifically for your executive team, and identify key risk areas and solutions. At a local price, we believe our no-nonsense trade professionals will go a long way in helping you develop and maintain your trade compliance programs. Contact us for more information.