Kansas Global helps companies across the Midwest to be export compliance without the hassle and stress of doing it all yourself. Founded and based in Wichita, KS, our main client base is involved in aerospace, military, advanced manufacturing, and production technology. We serve companies in major advanced manufacturing hubs surrounding Wichita.
  • Kansas City
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Tulsa
  • Denver
  • St. Louis
Our experts are available to help you with export compliance however you might need it. Whether it’s training, facility assessments, licensing questions, product classifications, or ITAR compliance, we have your back. Let us help you keep serving your customers internationally.

What Our Clients Say

Our work is focused on solving problems and making life easier for our clients. Our job is to have your back on compliance so you can sell confidently into foreign markets. Here’s what some of our clients have experienced when working with us.

Our company need to be ITAR compliant for our Military Customers. Past experience with Tyler and Kansas Global has been excellent. Kansas Global has the knowledge, and professional background in this area and I would not have gone anywhere else for help. After Kansas Global audits, our company feels more comfortable moving forward working with military type work.

Export & ITAR regulations are very complex and can be very overwhelming.  Kansas Global makes the process of creating a compliance program simpler.  Companies we have dealt with in the past want to offer a cookie cutter manual which would not fit our company & our processes.  Kansas Global is willing to take the time to come in & learn about who we are & what we do.  They then took that knowledge and helped us create a program that best fits our needs and our requirements.  We appreciate having their knowledge base at our disposal.

We had been struggling to get a workable export compliance policy & procedure manual completed. Without Kansas Global, we would have continued to struggle on our own. Having someone a simple phone call away is priceless.  We have placed calls to Tyler multiple times and he is always there to help & advise us through any situation.

Compliance Assessment

If you’re at a loss about where to start, a good place to begin is an export compliance assessment. One, or several, of our compliance experts will consider your current positions and methods, and determine your level of compliance. In our assessment, we are able to find current and potential areas of risk, and suggest solutions to repair and maintain trade compliance.

Export Compliance Training

Additionally, we provide export compliance training. If you or your team want to learn more about how to develop and maintain an export compliance program, we provide customized, practical training. Through our export compliance training , you can take your abilities to the next level and gain competitive advantage. Compliance Training is key to your ongoing success and demonstrates “reasonable care” to licensing and enforcing agencies. We offer seminars at various levels, from the new employee to the more experienced, for specific industries like aviation, and for small companies and large companies alike. We utilize a combination of compliance experts and specialists to maximize information sharing and provide the latest compliance information.

Our Services

  • Export License Determination
  • ITAR Compliance
  • Product Classification
  • Using automated systems, like AES
  • Compliance Assesments
  • Compliance Manuals
  • Basic of Import & Export Compliance
  • ECCN & EAR
  • OFAC
  • Don’t see your question listed? We can help or know the right person to point you to. Call us today.

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Let our experts help you save time and money with trade compliance

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