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I have attended in-person events, as well as your Webinar Seminar Events. My first comment is that the frequency, and applicable subjects that Kansas Global presents are so thorough, that I am surprised that your staff has time for anything else. I have conducted many international transactions through my past corporation, Procurement Systems, Inc., mostly in the 1990’s. What gives me great enthusiasm in attending your Seminar Events is that the world trade market is constantly changing. This is the single most-important reason to communicate often with Kansas Global. In a changing world, Kansas Global can be of great assistance to international corporations in meeting their goal of efficient and profitable transactions.

Martin Gowen, Former Executive VP Procurement Systems, Inc.

Education: Key to Success

Kansas Global Trade Services is known as a regional leader in global education & training.  We offer education opportunities year round on a variety of topics ranging from the basics of importing/exporting to complex regulatory issue affecting local industry. Through our extensive network, we are able to secure national experts to instruct and present at our events.  Dealing with foreign regulations, customs and shipping complexities, and international payments arrangements can be daunting for firms that lack specialized staff.  Let Kansas Global help you!

Our goal:

  • To provide the trade community with useful tools and information that may assist in their transactions and overall international strategy
  • To provide valuable networking opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange
  • To provide conferences to showcase trade relations with foreign delegations, opportunities in international trade, and more.

Look to Kansas Global for the most valuable events that providing important information and networking that will help you stay informed about international.


Training Seminars
Our training seminars are delivered in a workshop style, providing interaction with instructors and real life examples to help understand complex topics. This format allows for an environment that is conducive to learning even the most tedious and overwhelming topics. Due to the complex nature of some international regulations, we aim to provide government representatives and industry experts to ensure topics are taught from the most reliable sources.

Forums provide for communication, allowing for peer-to-peer discussion on topics affecting the industry. The goal of a forum is not to provide training but to foster an environment for learning from peers. Our forums are designed to provide attendees an opportunity to share experiences and converse on compliance or trade-related issues they may be facing. Please check our calendar for upcoming opportunities to connect with your peers or login into IntelliPORT and start the virtual conversation today.

Our conferences provide unique opportunities to showcase local companies, government experts, and foreign interests with Kansas. Opportunities to attend unique conferences and events frequently arise. Check back for more information on upcoming events.

Learn about international trade issues from your home or office with our webinars. This online education format lends itself to those unable to spend at full day at seminars, providing convenience without sacrificing quality.

In-House Training
Interested in providing customized cultural or compliance training to employees? We offer customized in-house training solutions that ensure your company receives the quality training specific to your need. Contact us today for more information.

**CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: Kansas Global event cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to the event to receive a full refund. All refunds will be issued by corporate check and made payable to individual who registered. No-show’s and late cancellations will be charged the full event price. **

Have a question about an event or training opportunity? Ask here!

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