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What You Need to Know to be Compliant

Import compliance begins with reasonable care.  Knowledge about your product, supplier’s manufacturing processes, the supply chain from plant to customer, and U.S. regulations must be demonstrated in your entire import process to claim reasonable care.

First, know your product, producer(s) and the intricacies of the entire supply chain from plant to customer. Next, correct product classification is the foundation of successful import compliance. Because product classification is a complex task, we recommend attending a classification workshop.

Understand regulations, standards and legal implications for your product. Understand CBP (US Customs & Border Protection) rules & regulations, clearance process and determine other agencies with jurisdiction over your product. For example, agriculture products are likely to have additional import regulations and limitations as determined by USDA and the FDA.

Determine which shipping and financial documents are required for your import. Contact us to to get an idea.  You should always double check with your transportation, customs broker and international banker before finalizing your contract and having the goods sent for import.

Screening for denied parties is imperative. Click here to begin.

Stay informed. Make training a part of your compliance management program. Kansas Global offers a wide variety of education and training. Sign up for IntelliPORT to stay abreast of the ever-changing rules and regulations of import companies.

Stay Informed About Import Compliance