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Who do We Help With ITAR Compliance?

Red Guard

David Oliphant - RedGuard

RedGuard needed assistance classifying products and submitting ITAR licenses. Without ITAR compliance training and consulting, RedGuard would have been unable to fulfill new sales opportunities in Israel & Canada.


Travis Suelter - US Tower

US Tower needed help with ITAR compliance in order to pursue military customers. Travis Suelter, VP at US Tower said, "It was highly valuable for us to have Kansas Global work the compliance piece for us. Tyler is without a doubt my first call."

Lee Aerospace

Glenn Heil - Lee Aerospace

Ongoing ITAR compliance consulting has boosted confidence for Lee Aerospace in tackling military and international projects. Glenn Heil, International Sales Director for Lee Aerospace said, "We've had several new opportunities with defense contractors. We sent them an overview of our compliance program and they were very impressed."

We Make ITAR Compliance Simple & Feasible

Those are our client’s words, not ours. But we liked them, so we put them on our website (with their permission).

We’ve been helping companies with all aspects ITAR Compliance for about a dozen years, including:

  • ITAR Compliance Training
  • ITAR Registration
  • ITAR Compliance Manuals
  • ITAR Compliance Program Development
  • ITAR License Determination and Application Assistance
  • Product Classifications
  • ITAR Compliance Consultation 

Wondering If You Should Pursue ITAR Compliance?

Why Should A Company Pursue ITAR Compliance?

  • Avoid Costly Fines and Risk – Failure to comply with US Export Regulations carry severe fines, penalties, and even a potential loss of export privileges.
  • New Domestic sales Opportunities – As many of our clients have found, being independently ITAR compliant gives them a leg up when bidding supplier projects for large defense contractors like Boeing.
  • New International Sales Opportunities – If you’re selling to defense contractors domestically, you probably have opportunities to compete globally.
  • Competitive Advantage – If your competitors are already ITAR compliant and you’re not, you are missing a whole world of opportunities and allowing them to have the whole sandbox to themselves. If they aren’t, this is your chance to have the whole sandbox of global opportunities to yourself.

Having an ITAR compliance program boosts your ability to make more international sales and move forward with confidence.

I’ll let our clients have the last word:

If anyone asks about compliance, I have and still do tell them to get in touch with Kansas Global.

“We’re not a big enough company to have an export team. We don’t do enough of it to be good or proficient at it. I know I can just pick up a phone and call Kansas Global. We always get an answer.”

“Forget trying to figure it all out and call Kansas Global. They can step you right through it and make the whole process exceedingly easy. I have 100% confidence in Tyler and Kansas Global and would highly recommend them to anybody.”

Your ITAR Consultant

Tyler Walston - VP

Trust, confidence, and availability

“If Tyler says it, that’s what goes for Lee Aerospace”
– Glenn Heil, Lee Aerospace

Tyler loves airplanes and baseball and will “geek out” on those two topics with anyone who is willing. Also, ask about his dog, Frank.

Our clients are always saying awesome things about Tyler. We’ll just leave a few of them here:

“Having Tyler available on the phone, and knowing that I can call him at any time, that’s a big plus for us because we know that there is someone who can help us all the time. I have him on speed dial.”

“Tyler’s responsiveness and ability to make things easy to understand has made me feel so comfortable to move forward with different projects. If anything comes in that I am uncomfortable about I have a hundred percent confidence in Tyler.

“We have placed calls to Tyler multiple times and he is always there to help & advise us through any situation. Having him a simple phone call away is priceless.”

“I wish everybody that I worked with, inside and outside of this company, was as reliable, dependable, good, and thorough as Tyler. If they were, my job would be a lot easier.”

Due to COVID-19, we are not in our office and the best way to get in touch with Tyler is through the Live Chat or the email/contact form. 

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