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Introducing domestic products and services to the international marketplace creates numerous challenges. One such challenge is overcoming the language barrier between individuals of different countries. Internal documentation and marketing communication translation ensure you get your message across right the first time. Speaking the language of your business partner demonstrates your cultural acceptance and knowledge, increasing your likelihood of success. Kansas Global utilizes the expertise of third party translation providers as well as local native speakers to provide services that help to overcome the language barrier.

Only 25.2% of worldwide internet users browse the Internet in English.

Statista, 2019

Professional Translation

Kansas Global provides competitive rates for professional translation services through its relationship with the third largest translation service provider in the world. All translations are ISO 9001 Certified and available for over 90 different languages. Document translations are done on a proposal basis with a $200 minimum charge. Per word rates vary depending on the language. Normal turnaround time for translations is 3 to 5 business days. Expedited services are available.


Through our network, we are able to provide interpretation services for numerous languages. Interpretation services are great for events, in-house training, or meetings with foreign partners. Proposals available upon request.

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