After years of working with companies to understand and enter global markets, we’ve seen it all. We’ve gathered 7 crucial “dos and don’ts” for companies to follow or avoid for greatest success. Download the PDF for free below!

Global Market Research | Local Price

Whether you’re just starting to consider expanding your business internationally or you’ve operated internationally for several years, our global market research can help you expand and grow your business. Many organizations provide market research for international business. At Kansas Global, we believe three things set our market research apart from the others:

1. We customize every project and report to the specifications of each customer. Instead of having one-size-fits-all reports that don’t really fit anyone, we tailor our work to the needs and goals of each client. The process is fluid and open, with constant communication ensuring that each client is truly benefitted by the work that we do.

2. Simply put: our work is better. We have been nationally and internationally recognized and acclaimed for our work and expertise in helping companies export more successfully.

3. We partner with our clients to realize new sales in foreign markets. For quite some time, we merely provided research and consulting to companies. We would plan an entry strategy and lay out the implementation plan and next steps. When checking back in on the company, we would find the report and action plan collecting dust on a shelf. So, we developed and built services specifically to assist companies to find and capture new sales from international markets.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

We help companies with every stage of exporting. Our market research helps them to make informed decisions to save thousands of dollars and find millions of dollars in new sales. We help with:

  • Market Selection
  • In-Market Research
  • Market Entry Strategy Development
  • Trade show/Expo/Conference Search & Strategy
  • Prospect Lists
  • Partner Search
  • Partner Screening and Selection
  • Sales Support and Logistics
  • Export Documentation

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