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Global Market Research | Local Price

Whether you’re just starting to consider expanding your business internationally or you’ve operated internationally for several years, our global market research can help you expand and grow your business. We provide full service, nationally recognized, international research at a local price you can afford. Although we have standard reports listed below, if you contact us for research, we always sit down and discuss your current positions. Based on your positions, plans and priorities, we’ll work together to create a research proposal that best fits your needs.
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Global Market Scan

If you’re looking to expand your business by selling your product internationally, a Global Market Scan (GMS) is a great place to start. Instead of guessing or making assumptions about where the best place to export is, you can base it on data and international research. In the end, you will have a final report of where the best opportunities are for your specific product or service.

Export Opportunity Evaluation

The Export Opportunity Evaluation (EOE) can be used independently or as a next step after the GMS. In the EOE, we take a deeper look at three countries of your choice. These three countries are selected based on performance indicators that suggest that there is a good opportunity industry-wise. We’ll conduct global market research to find information that can provide a clearer picture of which country would be the best option for your particular product. We’ll examine factors including:

  • Market Growth & Potential
  • Political Environment
  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Cultural Factors
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Market Challenges
  • Modes of Entry

Through our expert international market research, the EOE provides a clear picture of what conditions you and your company might face when expanding to markets in a particular country. Considering the cultural, political and economic factors is important when choosing a new country to expand into.

Strategic Market Entry

The Strategic Market Entry (SME) focuses on just one country. The GMS, EOE and SME are often used in conjunction with one another. They build on each other, increasingly narrowing the focus to just one country which provides the best opportunities. In this report, we’ll conduct extensive global market research on the country of choice and determine the best entry strategy for you. This report includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Geographical Targeting Analysis
  • Non-Market Factors
  • Competitive Landscape
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Supplier Landscape
  • Buyer Profile
  • Threat of Product Substitution
  • Barriers To Entry
  • Potential Partners & Distributors
  • Sales Process & Approach
  • Best Entry Strategy

Sales Research Report

The Sales Research Report is similar to a condensed form of the Strategic Market Entry Report. This is ideal for companies who don’t need a comprehensive strategic plan or are already in the market. The Sales Research Report focuses on the essential market conditions within a country, including:

  • Competitor Landscape
  • Non-Market Factors
  • Product Comparison
  • Geographic Location Target Analysis
  • Buyer Profile
  • List of Relevant Trade Shows, Associations and Conferences
  • Summary Entry Strategy Steps

Custom Company Finder Searches

If you’re looking for potential clients in a foreign market, we have just what you need. Our Custom Company Finder is a great tool for finding companies in any industry and country. In addition to the basic searches by industry and country, we can sort by company size, estimated growth and new investment potential, revenue amount, or whether the company is a headquarters, subsidiary, or branch.

Expert Guidance

For all projects, our team provides insights and in-depth analysis on the international market research we’ve done. We never leave you in the dark or just give you the data without making sure it’s useful to you. Throughout the entire process, we will be communicating with you and making sure we prepare and present data, strategies, and analysis consistent with your priorities. Our international market research team is skilled and flexible, so we can deliver whatever you need. Contact us today for more information!