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Thursday, January 7th, 1:00-1:30PM CST

When you think of Foreign Exchange, do you think complex, difficult waste of time, or risk-lowering, money-saving competitive advantage? 

For every cross-border (cross-currency) transaction, a Foreign Exchange must occur. But for most exporting/importing SMEs we talk with, FX is a complex tool they don’t want to mess with. It may be useful for large corporations, but it’s too impractical and difficult for just anybody to dabble in.

Can SMEs really afford to get involved in FX? Or, to use the cliche, can SMEs afford to not get involved in FX?

Since it occurs on every transaction, what risks do companies run by getting involved or not getting involved? What tools and relationships can help a company lower their foreign transaction risk? Can FX really provide competitive advantage?

Get these answers and more in a fast-paced 30 minute event that will help you take your FX game to the next level!

Featured Guests

We’re joined by Dr. John Min and Woelflein, experts on all things FX, and representing Tempus FX, a company designed to help companies take control of their foreign exchange more easily. They’ll share best practice advice, and insights on what the new year holds for currency exchange and how that affects you. Don’t miss what they have to say! Save your spot today!

John Min

John Min - Chief Economist, Tempus FX

Dr. John Min is the Chief Economist with Tempus where he is responsible for working with corporate clients in mitigating and managing their FX risks. Prior to working with Tempus, John was Founder and Chief Economist for World First USA and worked as the VP of Sales for Ruesch International, an international financial institution based in Washington, DC. Throughout his career, John has also worked with companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Everbank, Management Concepts, Western Union, AFEX, and Ebury. John teaches economics at Northern Virginia Community College along with masters of finance courses at New England College of Business and Finance and London Academy of Trading. He earned his MBA from George Washington University and Doctorate in Economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Woel Flein

Andrew Woelflein - Chief Strategy Officer, Tempus FX

Andrew Woelflein is the Chief Strategy Officer at Tempus where he has developed and implemented a strategy involving international and domestic expansion, new product development, and a total corporate re-branding. Before joining Tempus, Andrew was the Voice President of Global Marketing and Product Management at Ruesch International (now Western Union). Andrew also led Bankers Trust’s global multicurrency and Euro payment business and drove the 1998-1999 Euro payment conversion, based in London. He positioned Bankers Trust as a top 10 Euro payment provider as reported in the Financial Times prior to the acquisition by Deutsche Bank. Before heading up the Euro initiative, Andrew founded the first North American-based ‘remote deposit capture’ check facility for Bankers Trust (1996) based in Canada. He holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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