Thursday, February 4th, 1:00-1:30PM CST

The old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This might be most true when speaking of global Intellectual Property Protection.

The cost of negligence is tens of thousands of dollars, loss of export growth opportunities, being forced to compete against your own designs, and major stress and hassle to add to a busy schedule.

But, how can SMEs protect their IP? What is really necessary, and what is over the top? What are the practical steps a “globally active” company should take to proactively protect themselves? How do these actions set up current and future growth?

Don’t miss our conversation with Dan Fischer to answer those questions and more.

Meet the Guest!

Dan Fischer - Koley Jessen

Whether it’s at the outset when a client is considering what action they might take to protect their assets, ideas or reputation, or if the client is in the middle of a court battle, Dan Fischer takes pride in working with clients to reach their desired result. Dan advocates for clients in intellectual property and complex business/commercial cases across the United States as well as representing regionally healthcare providers in disputes of all types, including fair hearings and contract disputes, and media clients in First Amendment, defamation, reporter’s privilege, and public access issues. 

With respect to intellectual property, he has represented clients in patent, trademark, and copyright infringement cases as well as cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets. He has handled numerous trademark registration disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

Dan joined Koley Jessen in 2004 after practicing with an insurance defense firm for several years. From 1999-2001, Dan was a law clerk for the Honorable Edward E. Hannon with the Nebraska Court of Appeals, during which time he also worked as an adjunct professor of legal writing at the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Meet the Host:

David Thacker - Director of Strategic Engagement

David Thacker brings a strategic mindset to every conversation. Since joining Kansas Global, he has met and consulted hundreds of companies in the Midwest on how to grow exports. He excels at understanding companies’ global opportunities and internal difficulties, and delivering customized solutions and resources that fit those needs. He has spearheaded the regional expansion of Kansas Global throughout the Midwest, leading to a variety of new relationships and consulting opportunities. A lifelong learner, David is continually adding strategic value to the services, research, consulting, and relationships Kansas Global provides to clients.

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