Trade Policy: Practical Tool or Merely an Academic Exercise?

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In all probability, more people have paid attention to global trade policy in the last 3-4 years than any other time in recent history. Small businesses tucked in the heart of America felt the impact of decisions made in Washington D.C. Farmers and producers experienced difficulties caused by foreign trade policy. Today, two questions should be at the fore:

1. What policy and impact should I expect from a Biden Administration?
2. Can I use my knowledge to avoid risk, create competitive advantage, or improve my bottom line?

Does Trade Policy Really Matter to You?

Trade wars, tariffs, China, economists, politicians, TPP, USMCA, Brexit, quotas, FTAs, lawyers, section 232 & 301; sounds like a new verse for Billy Joel’s classic, “We didn’t Start the Fire.”

With so much knowledge and tedious complexity involved, how practical is it for a small business to know or get involved in trade policy? Can you actually influence change? Is there really something to gain? How does one even start to build a knowledge base on trade policy?

Expect answers to those questions and more when we sit down with Karyn Page and talk trade policy.

Karyn has presented on US trade policy all over the US and in Europe. She specializes in bringing practical insights producers and small businesses can use to make strategic changes and make their voice heard. 

Featured Guest:

Karyn Page, President & CEO, Kansas Global Trade Services

Karyn Page is recognized at the local, state, and national level for her expertise on export promotion and export ecosystem development in both private and public sectors. She consults small businesses and communities across multiple industries on trade strategy, advocacy, compliance, market entry and identifying global opportunities. As the current chair of Industry Trade Advisory Committee for small and minority businesses, she engages business leaders in formulating U.S. trade policy. Ms. Page currently serves as President and CEO of Kansas Global, a full-service trade advisory firm, helping companies and cities leverage their capabilities and global reach. She earned a Global MBA from Georgetown University and a Bachelors in International Business and Economics from Wichita State University.

“Karyn’s presentation was the best presentation on trade policy I’ve heard. It was succinct and understandable. A couple of our audience members said it was the first time they understood trade policy.”

– Alan Cobb – President & CEO, Kansas Chamber


David Thacker - Director of Strategic Engagement

David Thacker brings a strategic mindset to every conversation. Since joining Kansas Global, he has met and consulted hundreds of companies in the Midwest on how to grow exports. He excels at understanding companies’ global opportunities and internal difficulties, and delivering customized solutions and resources that fit those needs. He has spearheaded the regional expansion of Kansas Global throughout the Midwest, leading to a variety of new relationships and consulting opportunities. A lifelong learner, David is continually adding strategic value to the services, research, consulting, and relationships Kansas Global provides to clients.

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