Kansas Global Trade Services

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Kansas Global Trade Services

Kansas Global is full-service international trade services firm. We are nationally awarded and internationally recognized for our work in export services, trade compliance, and trade policy. Our goal is to promote and facilitate global trade. In 2017, we were one of 11 companies to receive the President’s “E” Award for our global trade services. This is the highest recognition any U.S. trade service provider can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

Our work falls into two main segments: trade services customized for individual companies and community export development.

Custom Global Trade Services

We also work with individual companies to provide them with international trade services. Each project is designed based on the individual needs of your company. Our goal is to provide global trade services that reduce the difficulties and barriers companies face and help them achieve their international potential. We offer services in three primary sectors: International Sales and Market Expansion Strategy; Trade Compliance and Export Documentation; and Trade Policy Consulting and Advocating.

Community Export Development

We currently work with both the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas Department of Commerce to promote exports across the state. In addition, we developed and have managed the Wichita area export plan since its creation over four years ago. With an estimated investment of just over $1 million in four years, the export plan has resulted in $30 million of new confirmed international sales for companies in the region.

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