Who We Are

Since our foundation in 1994, Kansas Global’s services have helped companies generate more than $165 million in international sales, plus projected sales of over $13 billion. We are nationally awarded and internationally recognized for our work in export services, trade compliance, and trade policy.

As a fee-based international trade consulting firm, Kansas Global provides customized consulting and services to help companies succeed in the global marketplace.

What We Do

At the core, Kansas Global exists to make companies more successful exporters. 

We work with large and small companies, in a wide variety of industries, with many different problems and goals. At Kansas Global, we view each client as a partnership to expand their bottom line through successful global trade. Your success is our success, and our services are uniquely designed to fit your needs.

Because of our comprehensive understanding of the entire export process, and experience with each aspect of it, we offer companies support for every phase of exporting. Contact us today and let us help you grow internationally.Our services help companies with the many facets of international trade and are customized to the specific needs and goals of each client.

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The Talent Behind Our Success

Let our team of certified global business professionals help you reach your international goals

Karyn Page
Holli Schletzbaum
Director of Client Engagement
Spencer Crouch
Director of Global Product Development
David Thacker
Director of Strategic Engagement
Michelle Cruzen-Hernandes
Executive and Research Assistant
Brady Ashton
Communications Manager

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