About Us

Kansas Global Mission: To promote & facilitate international trade.

Kansas Global Vision: To be nationally recognized for trade promotion & facilitation.

Basic Products:
Consultation, Education, Promotion, Research, Facilitation & Communication

Core Capabilities:
• Connecting – Facilitating exchange with government and businesses across the world.

• Educating – Providing quality global education and support services to enhance international trade.

• Consulting – Offering customized research, assistance and services to meet the diverse needs of the customer.

• Communicating – Sharing relevant information about international trade with stakeholders.

Kansas Global Trade Services is a private organization dedicated to building international growth and commerce for Kansas companies. Since 1994, Kansas Global’s education, communication and research services have helped members generate more than $165 million in international sales, plus projected sales of over $13 billion.

Please explore our Website and see how we can help your business excel internationally. Learn more about our services and how we can provide expertise in completing transactions, communicating with customers or partners abroad, research of new markets, and much more. We service not only U.S. customers, but those abroad as well. Our trade relations services are designed to assist those visiting Kansas, helping to further business interest locally. If you are seeking specific import, export, or industry information, look no further. Our Website is designed to serve as a clearinghouse of international trade information, resources, and news & alerts.