Client Profile: Redguard

Main Service Provided: Compliance

  1. What Redguard Needed
    • To increase international sales by adding a ballistic resistant product line.
    • To properly classify their ballistic resistant building in accordance with US Government regulations.
    • To fulfill international sales opportunities in Israel & Canada while complying with all other US regulations.
  2. What Kansas Global Provided
    • Classification assistance in matching RedGuard's ballistic resistant building with the appropriate ITAR cateogory.
    • Help submitting an ITAR License (DSP-5) for a sales opportunities in Israel.
    • Keys to understanding and utilizing the Canadian License Exclusion
  3. Value Redguard Received
    • Redguard saved time & money by outsourcing
    • Redguard is compliant with US Government Regulations
    • Redguard now has new sales opportunities for their newest product line

How'd we do? Check out the Q&A with Redguard:

What problem were you trying to solve or goal were you trying to reach with our services?

“Compliance. Giving RedGuard the export tools and understanding of US laws and international trade.”

Why did you choose Kansas Global to provide compliance services for you?

“Past performance of projects and knowledge of codes and regulations.”

If you hadn't chosen to work with us, what are the alternatives you would have considered?

“Not an option.”

What is the primary benefit you have received from Kansas Global?

“Confidence and trust in information provided is solid and Tyler always takes/returns calls timely.”

What would you say to a friend asking about Kansas Global' compliance services?

“Highly recommended.”

David Oliphant, Engineering & Quality Manager, Redguard

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