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“Kansas Global makes the process of creating a compliance program simpler. Kansas Global is willing to take the time to come in & learn about who we are & what we do. They then took that knowledge and helped us create a program that best fits our needs and our requirements.”


  • To learn how to classify products and procure the correct licenses 
  • To train a small team to handle controlled technical data and manage a controlled export transaction awareness internally about handling different programs appropriately per EAR and ITAR protocols
  • To develop internal policies and procedures for export compliance


  • Kansas Global classified Lee Air’s products, acquired the appropriate license, and developed a custom export compliance manual as part of comprehensive team training


  • Simple, clear export policies and procedures that fit their business
  • Trained staff ready to pursue international business opportunities and capable of completing the transactions legally
  • Compliance knowledge that procured new and consistent sales with a foreign customer
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