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Virtual International Marketing Program

Decades of experience in international trade compliance and global market research give Kansas Global deep knowledge about developing effective marketing strategies in foreign markets. Our virtual international marketing program identifies our clients’ target markets, and then helps audit and adjust existing online channels – or launch new, market-specific channels – tailored to the needs and preferences of those audiences. We also assist with advertising campaigns to ensure they’re appropriate for the market.

Why Do I Need an International Marketing Plan?

Marketing that works in Kansas doesn’t resonate with consumers in New York, and marketing that works in the U.S. doesn’t resonate with consumers in foreign markets. Businesses need to address cultural differences, language barriers, and regulatory requirements before marketing globally. Kansas Global helps you develop an international marketing plan that adapts proven marketing strategies to communicate with audiences in different countries and of different cultures.

What We Do

Global Market Scan

Ranking global markets based on tailored company characteristics.

Target Market and Competitive Analysis

Identifying your target markets and conducting competitive analysis for each.

Digital Market Research

Researching appropriate channels and messaging to activate in your target markets.

International Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

Conducting keyword research to ensure your online channels appear in search results in foreign markets.

International Marketing Strategy Development

Developing effective strategy from proven marketing tactics tailored to your target market.

E-Commerce and Website Localization

Ensuring your online payment portal and website adhere to and operate in your target markets.

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