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What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring refers to outsourcing business functions, such as production and talent recruitment, to nearby countries that might share cultural and linguistic similarities, and timezones for ease of operations across countries. 

Benefits to Nearshoring vs. Offshore Outsourcing
Reduced Costs: Nearshoring reduces costs associated with labor, shipping, tariffs, and travel compared to outsourcing to countries on other continents.
Increased Flexibility: Businesses can react faster to changing market conditions and consumer needs when nearshoring.
Improved Efficiency: Compared to offshoring, nearshoring can lead to better quality and faster turnaround times.
Direct Proximity: Nearshoring allows businesses to outsource to locations that share time zones for ease of day-to-day communication.
Access to Talent: Businesses can access additional talent pools through nearshoring with countries that might share culture, language, and work ethic.

Kansas Global focuses on helping U.S. businesses nearshore to Canada and Mexico – both of which offer improved communication and reduced cultural barriers compared to offshoring.

Our Process


Reviewing business functions and processes that can be outsourced and determining requirements. .

Location & Partnership Selection

Identifying nearshore locations and partners with the best opportunity for outsourcing based on cost, culture, language, proximity, and workforce.


Ensuring you’re compliant with relevant regulations as well as immigration, labor, and tax requirements.

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