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    Kansas-Not-a-Flyover-State 10/13/2021 Not Just Flyover Country: Opportunities for Market Entry in the U.S. Midwest

    When entering the United States, most companies are attracted to the East and West coasts. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or San Francisco...

    01/25/2021 Kansas Global VP Named Next Gen. Global Leader by US Global Leadership Council

    WICHITA – Tyler J. Walston, Vice President of Kansas Global Trade Services was selected to participate in the inaugural class of the Next Genera...

    10/14/2020 Kansas Global Trade Services Shifts Operations to Digital Workforce

    Kansas Global Trade Services, an international trade consulting firm, announced its shift to a new, more agile workplace model that matches the firm’s...

    COVID-19 04/03/2020 Surviving COVID-19 as a Small Business

    We all feel it: the last several weeks have felt more like years instead of the third month of an already long year. The health of our loved ones, wor...

    01/31/2020 Kansas Global partners with IBG Global

    Kansas Global has entered into an exciting, new partnership with IBG Global. Much like Kansas Global, they seek to facilitate growth, profitability an...

    01/31/2020 New Export Grant Available to Kansas Companies

    WICHITA – Kansas Global Trade Services worked with the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Kansas Legislature to create a flexible grant for Kansas...

    10/31/2019 We must pass USMCA Now – Kansas Farmers and Businesses Need a Win

    Op-Ed by Karyn Page, President/CEO, Kansas Global Trade Services Two defining events transpired in 2018 which made the passage of the USMCA crucial. O...

    10/31/2019 Export-Import Bank is vital to Kansas businesses and agriculture

    Op-Ed by Karyn Page, President/CEO, Kansas Global Trade Services As the leading international trade consulting firm in Kansas, Kansas Global Trade Ser...

    08/16/2018 Wichita is the Most Exposed City to China Tariffs

    Wichita Is the Most Exposed City To China Tariffs If you ask most people in Wichita, they’ll agree that the aviation industry is the first to dip in a...

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