Thursday, January 28th, 1:00-1:30PM CST

Export documentation and compliance: for many SMEs, these are necessary evils to grow their exports. Rather than a strategic conversation about growth, it’s a pain point that is at its best when you don’t have to think about it Big companies shell out 6 figures on platforms and hire whole teams of professionals to manage their processes. Most SMEs are merely using simple tools they have available and have a busy team also responsible for many other tasks.

How can SMEs compete with global giants who hold these advantages?

The key lies in a shift from manual processes to digital strategy.  Your documentation and compliance processes affect your ability to scale, audit, and track. If you’re feeling the pain of past ways of handling your export documentation, shifting to a digital strategy might be the solution you need to explore.

We’re joined by Heather Noggle, Chief Knowledge Officer and Owner of Global Wizard. She is focused around helping companies plan and implement digital strategies. Her work opens the possibilities for less restricted global expansion and increased competitive edge internationally.

Meet Heather:

Heather Noggle - Chief Knowledge Officer, Owner - Global Wizard

Heather Noggle is an original software developer and one of the new owners of Global Wizard. She works as an export compliance data expert as well as a master data integration consultant. When Heather is not building Global Wizard, she stays busy as a church trumpet player, professional geek speak translator, cancer survivor support enthusiast, wife, and mother of two growing boys. In 1994 she graduated from Southwest Missouri State University, now known as Missouri State, with a BS in Communication Management and a minor in music. In 2000, Heather applied for a software engineering position that was supposed to last three months, but time and opportunity found it to be a nearly 20-year position. She grew alongside the company, working on its software and processes until she had the opportunity to purchase Exits, Inc. in 2017. Heather and one of her colleagues, Jayme Untiedt, rose to the occasion, finalizing the purchase in 2018, thus beginning the journey of promoting and growing the expanded Global Wizard software and services. Never one to shy away from adversity, a trait she learned from her mother, Heather chooses to invoke her creative problem-solving skills to conquer any challenge interesting enough to require complex creative thought. Her Scrabble best is 487, which means she has mastered and deploys all of the approved two-letter words. She manages her business one challenge at a time, investing the time and energy to make Global Wizard a common name among global trade professionals.

Meet the Host:

David Thacker - Director of Strategic Engagement

David Thacker brings a strategic mindset to every conversation. Since joining Kansas Global, he has met and consulted hundreds of companies in the Midwest on how to grow exports. He excels at understanding companies’ global opportunities and internal difficulties, and delivering customized solutions and resources that fit those needs. He has spearheaded the regional expansion of Kansas Global throughout the Midwest, leading to a variety of new relationships and consulting opportunities. A lifelong learner, David is continually adding strategic value to the services, research, consulting, and relationships Kansas Global provides to clients.

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