Energizing, Insightful Conversations on Trade

The rules for trade are only getting tougher in a COVID/post-COVID world. Making your company stand out globally and growing sustainably and efficiently has gotten both easier and more difficult.

And if you’re looking for insights and helpful tips, traditional webinars, podcasts, and events just don’t pack the same punch they used to. You might even find yourself going back to your to-do lists with your conference as merely background noise. So, if you’re ready to level up your trade game, but are discontent with the long and dry webinars you’ve been getting, we’ve got something you’ll like.


“Loved the Energy and Enthusiasm”

Get ready for “next level: the trade show”. Each episode is about 30 minutes long, perfect for a mental break from your daily grind. Fast-paced conversations with engaging experts make this enjoyable to watch or listen to.

12 weekly shows to begin the year off strongly. Our goal: give every company the same insights and expertise that the richest and biggest companies have.

We’ll jump into all the topics of global trade, including foreign currency exchange; finding capital and financing for export development, FDI, re-shoring, or global supply chain improvements; inside scoops and meet and greets with our partners in a number of countries; export compliance and documentation strategies and best practices; digital strategies and tactics to replace or rejuvenate your traditional tactics; how to protect your intellectual property and much, much more.

Our guests will include CEOs of specialty service companies, foreign business experts, successful exporters with years of experience, and more.

Register for the entire series below, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss any event.

Watch the show live at Thursday, 1 Central* or rewatch through a variety of channels if you aren’t able to clear that slot any given week.

*Could be a different time when hosting guests from other countries. Attendees will be notified in advance of a time change to the weekly event.

“That was the best presentation on trade policy I’ve heard. It was succinct and understandable. A couple of our audience members said it was the first time they understood trade policy.”

– Alan Cobb

Upcoming Episodes:

Past Episodes:

John Min

Ep. 1: Foreign Exchange with Tempus FX

If your first reaction to Foreign Exchange (FX) is that it's a complex tool only practical for giant corporations, then this episode is for you. Whether you plan for it or not, FX occurs on each international transaction. If you aren’t taking intentional strategic actions, you’re losing competitive advantage and raising your risk significantly. Taking control of your transactions gives you a strategic opportunity to take your global trade to the next level.

Ep. 2: Trade Policy with Karyn Page

Trade wars, tariffs, China, economists, politicians, TPP, USMCA, Brexit, quotas, FTAs, lawyers, section 232 & 301; sounds like a new verse for Billy Joel's classic, "We didn't Start the Fire." With so much knowledge and tedious complexity involved, how practical is it for a small business to know or get involved in trade policy? Can you actually influence change? Is there really something to gain? How does one even start to build a knowledge base on trade policy?

Ep. 3: Global Trade Financing with Brett Silvers

2021 presents a challenging environment for companies to expand globally. On the one hand, it’s clear that companies must move forward; carefully and strategically, yes. But, the time for waiting is over, and companies who want to thrive need to be proactive and aggressive in their growth strategies. On the other hand, 2020 wasn’t friendly to bottom lines or capital availability. Implementing resilient and proactive strategies takes investment and resources, but for many companies, money isn’t exactly abundant Where can you find right-fit financing?

Ep. 4: Digital Export Documentation with Heather Noggle

Export documentation and compliance: for many SMEs, these are necessary evils to grow their exports. Rather than a strategic conversation about growth, it’s a pain point that is at its best when you don’t have to think about it Big companies shell out 6 figures on platforms and hire whole teams of professionals to manage their processes. Most SMEs are merely using simple tools they have available and have a busy team also responsible for many other tasks. How can SMEs compete with global giants who hold these advantages?

Ep. 5: Intellectual Property Protection with Dan Fischer

Intellectual Property theft costs the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The cost and effect on a small business when globla intellectual property theft occurs is catastrophic. The cost of negligence is tens of thousands of dollars, loss of export growth opportunities, being forced to compete against your own designs, and major stress and hassle to add to a busy schedule.

What Intellectual Property should you protect in global business? How can you protect it affordably?

Ep. 6: Global Customs and Regulations with Shawn Jarosz

Foreign Customs and Regulations are usually not top of mind for US exporters. The assumption is that the importer/broker/distributor will handle those matters, so one shouldn’t be concerned. But lack of knowledge can have large implications for doing business in a foreign country, especially in the food sector. Mistakes matter! It can make life more difficult and raise red flags for business partners, causing them to look elsewhere for suppliers; you can cause headaches of miscommunication/mislabeling/misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided; products can be stuck at the border and payments delayed. Our conversation with Shawn Jarosz will revolve around the strategic gains that you can achieve by understanding all aspects of your global business.

Angela Foley Pic

Ep. 7: Australia with Angela Foley

Angela has worked in the field of international trade and investment attraction for over 30 years. She established Foley & Associates Pty Ltd in Sydney in 2002. Today her firm acts as the authorized trade representative for 9 American States and several European economic development agencies. In this capacity she assists organizations from these regions to successfully enter and grow their export sales in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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