Thursday, February 25th, 3:00-3:30PM CST

Australia is a primary target for many SMEs, especially those in the Ag industry. Similar cultures and a shared language make Australia an easier place to do business.

Angela Foley is the Managing Director for Foley & Associates and specializes in connecting US companies with market opportunities in Australia. In response to COVID-19, new initiatives are in motion to develop specific parts of Australia’s economy. These create great opportunities for US companies to enter the market and support those initiatives.

In addition to discussing the top sectors for US export potential, she will share best practices for new business development in the current environment.

Don’t miss our conversation with Angela Foley to answer those questions and more.

Meet the Guest!

Angela Foley Pic

Angela Foley - Managing Director | Foley & Associates Pty Ltd

Angela has worked in the field of international trade and investment attraction for over 30 years. She established Foley & Associates Pty Ltd in Sydney in 2002. Today her firm acts as the authorized trade representative for 9 American States and several European economic development agencies. In this capacity she assists organizations from these regions to successfully enter and grow their export sales in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Angela has in-depth first-hand experience offering international trade advisory and investment attraction services across market sectors and geographical regions. She has spent a large part of her career working with both US and Australian economic development agencies where she has developed a clear understanding of the cultural and economic drivers plus the logistics of facilitating successful commercial relationships between organizations from both countries.

Meet the Host:

David Thacker - Director of Strategic Engagement

David Thacker brings a strategic mindset to every conversation. Since joining Kansas Global, he has met and consulted hundreds of companies in the Midwest on how to grow exports. He excels at understanding companies’ global opportunities and internal difficulties, and delivering customized solutions and resources that fit those needs. He has spearheaded the regional expansion of Kansas Global throughout the Midwest, leading to a variety of new relationships and consulting opportunities. A lifelong learner, David is continually adding strategic value to the services, research, consulting, and relationships Kansas Global provides to clients.

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