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Export Accelerator

Hornet Cutting Systems Logo

Hornet Cutting Systems

Case Studies Hornet Cutting Systems What Hornet Cutting Systems Say About Kansas Global “The Kansas Global Trade Services Accelerator Program is an easy and cost-effective way to reach new foreign markets. Their staff helps you through the whole process and always communicates in a timely manner.” Challenge To identify and select new foreign markets To […]
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Lee Air

Case Studies Lee Air What Lee Air Say About Kansas Global “Kansas Global makes the process of creating a compliance program simpler. Kansas Global is willing to take the time to come in & learn about who we are & what we do. They then took that knowledge and helped us create a program that […]
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Lee Aerospace

Case Studies Lee Aerospace What Lee Aerospace Say About Kansas Global “For any type of military work, you have to have a compliance program in place, and we feel we have a good one.” Challenge To quickly develop a new export compliance manual that reflected their new, streamlined operations To create awareness internally about handling […]
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Lubrication Engineers

Case Studies Lubrication Engineers What Lubrication Engineers Say About Kansas Global “When COVID related travel restrictions halted our ability to meet new potential partners in person Kansas Global and their partners stepped up with a solution that kept Lubrication Engineers, Inc. on track with our global expansion.” Challenge To continue international growth during a global […]
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