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Market Research

Increase your sales with customized market research tailored to your business by internationally-acclaimed experts. Unlike competitors offering one-size-fits all generic market reports, our research is customized for you in a dynamic, collaborative research process.

Robust Market Reports

We provide specific industry insights, competitive landscape analysis, market strategy, competitor research, potential partner search, due diligence of a potential partner, and political and economic risk analysis.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence Including:

Market Selection
In-Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Current and Projected Trends in a Market
Market Entry Strategy Development
Trade Show / Expo / Conference Search and Strategy
Lead Generation / Prospect Lists
Ideal Distributor / Partner Profile
Distributor / Partner Search
Distributor / Partner Screening and Selection
Distributor / Partner Introductions
Sales Support and Logistics
Legal, Accounting, and Business Structure Considerations
Export Documentation
Businesses receive targeted research to take exports further.

Competitive Advantage

Identify the best location for your product, key differentiators, target market preferences, and competitive advantages with tailored market research.

Maximize Return

Evaluate multiple factors to make the smartest business decisions and plot a course for strategic growth.

Actionable Intelligence

We pair carefully filtered research with valuable insights to allow you to act more quickly.

Expert Guidance

Our team and global partners provide data, cultural background, and advice to enable you to export with confidence.

Greater Impact

We help businesses build capacity, knowledge, and relationships to succeed in new markets. Market research services help extend your staff, provide strategic insights, and allow you to act quickly and with confidence, being guided by our thorough, professional process and experienced team. Utilize our global network of researchers, professional services providers, distributors, and other business support organizations to give your business the edge. Whether it is a single piece of information you seek, or an ongoing project to build a path to a new market, Kansas Global has a customized market research solution for you.

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