We know the challenges businesses face when conducting international trade.

Whether it is dealing with foreign suppliers or determining the feasibility of potential locations, many challenges and hurdles stand in the way of success. That’s where our global trade services come into play. As experts in the field of global trade, our international trade services can help with any problems you might be having. In addition to our own expertise, we are in frequent contact with many foreign governments, companies and trade associations interested in building business relations here in Kansas.

Check out some of our most popular international trade services below. If you’re not sure what you need, or can’t find what you want, contact us. We are always able and willing to work with you to find custom solutions for your business.

The export accelerator program is designed to make the exporting process smooth for the customer. It is customizable for every client and easy to understand. With our experience and connections, our clients feel safe and will learn that there is a huge opportunity for them overseas.

When doing business internationally, don’t go in blind. Our research team is excellent at finding the right resources and analysis to prepare you and your business for success abroad. We offer comprehensive research services, so whatever you might need, we can provide it. If you’re looking to begin exporting your product, we can conduct global scans to find the countries that would be the best targets for you products. If you’re committed into doing business in a certain country, we can prepare successful market entry strategies that custom fit your team, product, and selected country. Whatever you might need, let us help you be successful abroad.

Connecting with potential foreign suppliers and marketing your product abroad is crucial to international success. Knowing where to start can be difficult. We can provide insight into the international marketplace that will assist your efforts. We will connect you with the appropriate contacts to ensure your product will get noticed. If you are unsure what your next steps should be in international business, let us help. Kansas Global provides customized services to meet your requirements. We can meet with you to discuss your international endeavors and identify ways we can assist, from identifying a new market to completing your transaction.

Trade compliance is serious business. Trying to fly under the radar is dangerous. Setting up an export or trade compliance program can be costly and time consuming, so why not let our experts help you. We can help with compliance training, compliance assessment, setting up a compliance program and all other aspects of staying compliant.

We have a variety of training courses and programs that we offer to the business community. We also offer customizable in-house training programs to companies. Whether you want to increase strategic international thinking in your company or get focused training on one specific aspect; we can help. We offer training both from our in-house experts and from our contacts who are experts in their field.

Our mission is to be the first source for trade policy, regulation and legislative information for all Kansas companies. As a not for profit organization, Kansas Global stands outside politics and national boundaries to facilitate free and fair trade. We act as the voice of Kansas industry, communicate concerns of Kansas companies to elected officials, and strive to stay at the forefront of issues affecting the import community. Our goal is inform you in a timely manner, enabling you to take immediate action. To ensure you are receiving the most relevant information concerning your industry, contact us today. We will send you the latest alerts and information regarding exporting and importing.

Dealing with foreign suppliers and partners in the international marketplace creates numerous challenges. One such challenge is overcoming the language barrier between individuals of different countries. Internal documentation and marketing communication translation ensures you get your message across right the first time. Our translation services are ISO 9000 Certified and are available for over 90 languages. Speaking the language of your business partner demonstrates your cultural acceptance and knowledge, increasing your likelihood for success. We provide interpretation services as well as introductory foreign language training to help your further effective communication with your partners, customers, and suppliers. Our services will assist your business to overcome the language barrier.

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