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What is a Trade Mission?

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Kansas Global drives international business development opportunities forward by helping facilitate trade missions. The goal of our trade missions is to encourage new cross-border business relationships between Midwestern companies and foreign partners. A trade mission will typically provide insights into doing business in the destination country, pre-trip consultation, tailored business-to-business meetings, networking events, and conversations with federal and/or provincial government officials. 

The Value of Trade Missions

The value of joining Kansas Global on a trade mission is to be introduced to real businesses that can become partners in that country. A business that joins a Kansas Global trade mission can typically expect to meet with approximately 5-6 potential partners in that country. A trade mission builds the strategic infrastructure a business would need to enter that country, making this small investment one that will yield long-term returns. 

Even in the 21st century, strong relationships are built through in-person meetings. A trade mission could expedite the relationship-building process for businesses that are serious about exploring opportunities in a country. The fastest, most affordable way to build strong relationships to grow sales overseas is by joining a trade mission.  

Who Should Attend?

Typically, 1-2 executive-level decision-makers represent each business. Most meetings will be conducted in English, or have a translator available. 

Preparing for a Trade Mission

Before departing for a trade mission, Kansas Global facilitates an intake assessment that evaluates the needs of the business and potential partners, allowing us to prepare a list of potential targets for the business to vet in advance to ensure that in-person meetings are strategically chosen before we schedule them. This creates a highly customized itinerary for the business so that time in the country is spent as productively as possible.

Trade Mission Destinations

Kansas Global identifies countries that offer promising opportunities for Midwestern businesses. Working through our global network, we identify countries that are interested in partnership and favorable to doing business with Midwestern companies.

Kansas Global tries to coordinate at least one trade mission per year, with a few already in the works for 2022. Funding support for trade mission costs may be available through state and federal export promotion programs, such as STEP grants and/or the KITMAP programs (for Kansas companies). Where in the world would you take your business? Let’s start the conversation.