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What Is International Business Consulting?

Resources for Exporting

Kansas Global supports Kansas companies interested in exporting through all stages of the export process. Every company and company journey is different, which is why we use a consultative model. International Business Consulting is just that; consulting with your company about international business. 

Where Do We Start?

We engage through an initial complimentary consultation meeting to learn about you, your business, your goals, your interest in exporting, and work together to assess whether you have an exportable product or service. Usually, we work with the CEO or someone in a business development role. We can meet in-person or remote, at your business or another site. 

What Will We Discuss?

Our consultation will start where you are – from experienced exporters to those exploring exporting for the first time. Companies already actively exporting are likely to have identified an opportunity or challenge to explore together. Companies new to exporting will get the most benefit out of our conversation if you spend some time considering a few questions in advance. 

What Should My Company Consider About Exporting? 

  • What do you want to export? Does your business have a product or service that has been successful domestically? 
  • Does your business have the production capacity to meet increased sales?
  • Is exporting a part of your company’s strategic plan?
  • Does your management team have the capacity and commitment to pursue an export plan? 

Assess Your Capacity

Exporting can be incredibly rewarding but it does require time and financial resources to do successfully. A company should evaluate whether they are committed to doing the proper market research, partner/distributor search, regulatory and legal compliance, and logistical planning and in a financial position to contribute the necessary resources. How committed are you to making an international move strategic and successful?

Working with Kansas Global

Together, we can help you assess your export capacity and identify a product to export. If you want to engage beyond our initial consultation, we work on a fee-based schedule to make progress on a tailored path forward. Often this path includes market research, finding and vetting distributors, and making connections for your business. You may meet with international partners by video before one day traveling abroad to sign a deal. No matter what steps you take next, Kansas Global is here to guide your company forward.