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What is Trade Compliance?

Are you ready to export your product or service internationally? Scaling your business means more customers and increased revenue. However, understanding trade compliance is a necessary key to success. 

Trade compliance jargon is often confusing. We’ll break it down in simple terms.  

What is Trade Compliance?

Legally, businesses must operate within a set of rules when importing or exporting goods into global markets. Trade compliance ensures that all import and export transactions adhere to the regulations of the countries involved. 

All businesses must follow the rules and comply with a set of policies, such as the Export Administration Regulation or the International Traffic in Arms Regulation. Kansas Global Trade Services’ role is to simplify the process for you and get your company’s products where they need to go in a way that satisfies all regulations. 

Understanding Trade Rules & Regulations

Is your business or organization prepared to comply with new global standards including the latest in trade policy? At Kansas Global Trade Services, we understand the red tape and know how to follow current rules and regulations. 

The exporting landscape changes often and understanding how to minimize risk by adhering to best practices must be a priority. What U.S. government agency has jurisdiction over your products? What are the licensing requirements or tariff codes? What regulations apply in the country you’re shipping your products to – and are there any rules that affect transporting your goods? 

What’s legal in one country may be different in another. Our international trade experts have decades of experience in partnering with clients to maximize revenue and avoid costly penalties. 

Challenges & Solutions 

Global trade compliance regulations are ever-changing. Companies must do their due diligence to stay informed. That’s where we step in.

We keep our ears to the ground listening for changes to rules and regulations so we can anticipate the next move your business needs to make for a competitive advantage. We track the latest international trade news affecting Kansas businesses. 

By understanding the latest customs rules, our clients can get their products in front of new international buyers.

Put Together a Plan 

Navigating trade compliance regulations without guidance is like boating at sea without oars or a compass. It’s not easy and you shouldn’t do it alone.

We help you put together a proactive plan before preparing to export products internationally. At the end of the day, you will feel confident knowing that your business is following trade compliance regulations while profiting from export sales.

For example, US Tower partnered with us when they were ready to showcase cutting-edge tower equipment to a larger market. 

“Knowing the accuracy of the information Kansas Global provides safeguards us with regards to compliance. Kansas Global helped us to get our compliance in a row where we previously didn’t have a full understanding of requirements.”

The best way to enter a global trade market is to do it the right way and with confidence. Contact us for assistance with global trade compliance services.